Donated by Linda Lehrman

($100 value) 

#1. Pastel Painting

by Ann-Marie Magne

#2. Almost Ticked Off

Tales from Ma's Watering Hole


Ten Thousand Miles from HOme

Literary Review

by Kaye Linden

#3 Set of Books

Thomas Kinkade, Everett’s Cottage

Donated by Marc and Kaye Linden

(Valued at $305)

#4. Lithograph

Brain Building Games

Postgraduate Year One, Lessons in Caring

Donated by Kenneth Heilman, MD

#5. Drawing & Books

Donated by Rosie Koenig

#6. Veggie Basket

Donated by Ann Eisenstadt

(available when Ann returns in June)

#7. Two Dozen Rugelach

by Mary Bast

($150 value)

#8. Landscape Painting

by Doe and Lew Brown

#9. Woven Pieces

Donated by Cindy Barnett

#10. Two Mugs & Planter

One Dozen Bagels Free Every Month

for One Year

#11,12,13. Bagel Bakery

Set of 12 Photo Cards by Rabbi Joseph

#14 & 16. Photo Cards

Donated by Earth Pets

#15. Earth Pets Basket

by Irene Keller

#17. Delicious Cake

Donated by C. Spigel

#18. Hand Towels

by Kathy Buckard

#19. Planter

Jacob Ascher, Ann Stalvey,

Andrew Storch

#20. Young Jewish Artists

Donated by Barbara Rothsetin

#21. Tzedacah Box

by Michele Sugre

#22. Wine Basket

Donated by Amy Carson

#23. Age 5-7 Basket

Donated by Barbara Rothstein

#24. Necklace & Earrings

Donated by Rina Luban

#25. Necklace

Donated by Sharon Vogel

#26. Beaded Necklace

Donated by Simone Natural Wonders

#27. Natural Wonders

Donated by Trades of Hope

#27. Necklace & Earrings

Donated by Trades of Hope

Gator Bracelet by Sparkle it Your Way

#28. Laptop Case

Donated by Pampered Chef

#30. Papered Chef Items

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