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Temple Shir Shalom is supported entirely by the dues and additional contributions of its members and friends. As with most synagogues, the total dues obligation of the entire membership covers only about 1/2 of the annual budget. The balance is made up from voluntary contributions in excess of the dues obligation, and fees for various activities (primarily Religious School tuition). 


The Rabbi, the congregation, and the Board of Temple Shir Shalom work hard to provide the very best environment possible for Reform Judaism in Gainesville, for the benefit of the community at large and for all who seek the warmth and comfort of a caring Reform congregation. As a member or friend, please consider engaging in this work by making a donation! Please contact the Temple office if you have any questions or would like to establish a scheduled payment plan for dues, tuition, or donations. If you are making a donation to the Sisterhood, please designate that in the Detail Box.

General Fund                          Day-to-day operating expenses and payroll

Religious School Fund            Special projects and programmatic expenses

Building Fund                         Improvement and non-routine maintenance

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund    Dispersed by Rabbi for charitable and Temple needs

Outdoor Enhancement           Grounds and garden special maintenance


Name Plate on Temple Memorial Board          $300

Name Plate Leaf on Tree of Life                        $100   

Name on Engraved Walkway Brick                  $ 72


Virtually Sponsor Oneg          $36 donation (Click Here to Donate)

                                               Include your name and who/what you                                                                     want to commemorate

Host Oneg                                Sign up Genius Link


In Honor of…                          Designate where donation is go to

In Memory of…                       Designate where donation is go to


May the memory of the departed be a blessing


It has long been considered a mitzvah to remember our departed loved ones by making charitable contributions in their names. Among the many possibilities for giving at Temple Shir Shalom and in our community, we respectfully offer the above suggestions.


You can click on the Donate Button above and indicate the intent of your donation. You can indicate "In memory of……."


Or you can write and mail a check. Be sure to indicate the intent of your donation.

Sustaining Membership


To become a Sustaining Member, we ask you to pledge a fixed amount annually over the next three years to donate to the Temple. We understand that a three-year commitment may be more than everyone will be able to make. Such a commitment requires a deep faith in the future of Temple Shir Shalom as it supports Jewish religion, culture, and community in the Gainesville area. We don’t ask for this commitment lightly—but Temple Shir Shalom can only continue to exist if it can be properly funded. Click here for FAQs


If you are interested in participating, please contact the Temple office at (352) 371-6399 for more information. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.

Legacy Program

Create your own legacy at Temple Shir Shalom. Simply include Shir Shalom in your estate planning. It carries no financial obligation in the present, but it will have a huge and lasting impact on the Temple's future. As an alternative to a bequest in your will, you can also designate Temple Shir Shalom as a beneficiary in your life insurance policy, your retirement account (individual retirement accounts (IRAs), pension plans, 401(k) plans) and your bank or brokerage accounts (saving accounts, certificates of deposit, money market accounts).


If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact the Temple office @ (352) 371-6399 for more information.

If you make a donation by credit card, please consider adding 2% to defray our processing fee. 

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