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Upcoming Zoom Invitations

Oneg Sponsors & Hosts

Dear Friends:
We are experiencing some difficulty with our Zoom links. If the links below do not work, please go to the calendar on the bottom of our
home page. Then click on the event itself on the proper day, or the small +# at the bottom of the daily rectangle, and the links for that day's events will be listed.
Friday, September 29
Shabbat service
HYBRID 7:00pm
Tuesday, October 3
Torah study with Rabbi Joseph
HYBRID 9:30am

Lindsy Lev Temple Shir Shalom Gainesville reform.JPG

Lindsy Lev served as a cantorial soloist for Temple Shir Shalom from 2013-2015. She is thrilled to once again be able to provide music for Temple Shir Shalom on an ocassional virtual basis. 

October 20, 2023

Ellen Siegel – HOST

In honor of her Birthday

October 27, 2003

Jamie Menczer - Sponsor

In memory of her mother Madelyn Menczer, her husband Robert Greenebaum, her aunt Norma Menczer and her riding buddy Vivian McCusker

November 3, 2023

Heath Lynn Silberfeld - HOST

November 24, 2023

Kim Feigenbaum & Alan Geering - HOSTS

In honor of the anniversary of their son David''s Bar Mitzvah and in memory of Artie Feigenbaum's yahrzeit


December 1, 2023

Marcia & Hank Storch – HOSTS

In recognition of World AIDS Day

January 12, 2024

Sara & Eli Ben-Shoshan – HOSTS

In Honor of Zoe Be-Shoshan’s B-Mitzvah


February 2, 2024

Ann-Marie Magne & Lee Schwartz - HOSTS

In Honor of Lee’s Birthday


April 12, 2024

Elaine & Barry Jacobson - HOSTS

In memory of Lila Jacobson 

April 26, 2024

Passover Oneg

Barb Rothstein & Ann Jordan – HOSTS

May 24, 2024

Jennifer & Kevin Siegel – HOSTS

In Honor of Noah Siegel’s Graduation

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