Guidelines for Zoom Users

  • Do MUTE yourself if you are talking to someone else

  • Do MUTE yourself if you are using your phone

  • Do PAUSE the video if you walk away for a minute


  • DON'T use video image as a mirror

  • DON'T sing, read, or chant along unless you are muted

  • DON'T have side conversations unless you are using "Chat" function

  • DON'T worry, no one likes what they look like on these things.


      You're beautiful just the way you are


Upcoming Zoom Invitations

Torah Study with Rabbi Joseph

Tuesday, August 4, 9:30 am

Coffee Break with Rabbi Joseph

Wednesday, August 5, none this week

Shabbat Service

Friday, August 7, 7:00 pm

Service PDF

Shabbat Service & Torah Study


Since we can't do this

or this.....

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