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December 8, 2023

Oneg Sponsor:

Isabelle Mitchell 

In Honor of Her Conversion

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Thursday December 14

7:15 to 8:15

In-Person and Zoom

Adult Education Class Rabbi Joseph

The prayer Eilu Devarim reflects the seeming paradox that focusing on others more than ourselves makes us happier.

 This is not a typical prayer. It's an active prayer. You will live it. The magic is not in the words. It's in the way the words will change your life. 


In addition at 6:45

Rabbi Joseph will be leading a

short meditation session and brief lesson

All are welcome, friends and members

Wine & Cheese Evening

Lots of fun. Great attendance!!! 

People were super happy to be there.

Jazz background music. Yummy food.

Really lovely wine choices by Gabe Bitton. 

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